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Our souls, ourselves, our experiences, our existence—these are not isolated in any way.   The universe is not a place of separateness, it is a place of entanglement.  We are connected to others in ways we cannot fathom.   Laura Lynne Jackson, The Light Between Us


Laura Lynne Jackson

This is a follow up to my post from July 23, ARE WE ALL PSYCHIC (included at the end of this).

I just finished The Light Between Us, by Laura Lynne Jackson, well known psychic-medium.   I found it to be a great read.  Her writing style is the same as her interview with GOOP [go to link in July 23 post below]—straight forward, direct, telling it as she sees it.   Ms. Jackson shares how she first began to realize her special gifts as a psychic-medium as a young girl and later honed and developed her skills, juggling that with her full-time jobs as a wife, mother of two girls and high school English teacher.  She includes some of her favorite readings and what she has learned:

The Other Side is real; that’s where our souls go when they leave our bodies and we can communicate with them whenever we want.   There is not one sliver of doubt in her mind about this. 

I happen to completely agree with Ms. Jackson, but that’s not the point of this writing.  She has some wonderful things to say about Shoulder Taps and Entanglement.  For those who didn’t get a chance to read, or want to refresh, here are links to our recent posts on those topics.

The Light We Cannot See-Entanglement


Shoulder Taps:


Here are some excerpts from Ms. Jackson’s book, starting with her definition of the Other Side from Chapter 1.

Everything in my experience tells me that we outlast our bodies.  We move on.   We keep going.  We are bigger than our bodies.  What defines us is what we take with us once we leave our bodies behind-our joys, our dreams, our loves, our consciousness.

We are not bodies with souls.

We are souls with bodies.

Our souls endure.  Our consciousness endures.   The energy that powers us endures.   The Other Side, then, is the place our souls go when our bodies give out.  

The Other Side is really very close.

Here is an amazing ‘Shoulder Tap’ story from CHAPTER 18- THE POLICEMAN’S CAP

[Laura was giving a reading to Maryann and Joe who had recently lost their 15 year-old daughter, Jessie, to a fast moving disease.   The parents had never before seen a medium or psychic and they were very skeptical.   Jessie came through hard and fast in the reading, delivering messages to her devastated parents only they could know; including this one about a policeman’s cap.]

“I’m seeing a hat, sort of like a policeman’s cap,” I said.  “Jessie is showing me a blue policeman’s cap.  I’m supposed to talk to you about the hat.  Are you a policeman?”

Joe looked startled. More than that—stunned.  Later, he explained the significance of the policeman’s cap.

Before she died, Jessie had gone to a camp for teens run by the state police department.  It was just the kind of thing that Jessie, an adventurous soul, loved doing.   Joe gave her $50 and asked her to buy him a policeman’s cap.   But Jessie spent the money on something else and forgot to buy the cap.  No one thought anything of it. 

Then at Jessie’s funeral, something inexplicable happened.  A police officer came up to Joe.   The two had never met.   In the officer’s hand was a blue policeman’s cap.

The policeman struggled to find the right words.

“I got this hat for you,” he told Joe, his eyes filling with tears.  “I don’t know why, I really don’t.   I just know I’m supposed to give it to you.”

Joe took the hat in his hand, turned it around and around, and stared at it.   Then he hugged the cop. 

The Other Side, it seems, can make just about anyone a messenger, as long as the person chosen is willing to keep his or her heart and mind open to the Other Side.   The policeman could have ignored his strange compulsion to give Joe a cap.   Luckily he didn’t. 

And here is what she has to say about entanglement in CHAPTER 30

The Other Side teaches us that we are never alone.   Scientists grapple with this question too-are the various factors of existence moving through time and space alone, or is there some subtle, unseen force that binds them all together?  This has led scientists to explore a phenomenon called entanglement.

In his book Entangled Minds, Dean Radin, a senior scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, writes about an experiment that explored the relationship of photons-subatomic particles of electromagnetic radiation-to each other.   The experiment showed that certain photons are connected in ways that we aren’t yet able to explain.

For instance, subatomic particles such as electrons or photons that are created in the same event have measurable properties such as spin or polarization that reveal them to be intimately linked together no matter how far apart they become. Their resulting connection, as revealed in increasingly refined experiments over recent decades, confirms the shocking reality of what Einstein referred to as “spooky actions at a distance,” because this intimate connection reveals the particles to remain linked together in complete violation of common sense and of Einstein’s notion of the speed of light as the ultimate speed at which information (or of the effect of one particle on another) can travel.   Measurement of one particle instantaneously affects the other.  The implications for the complete interconnectedness of the entire universe, and for our very understanding of the fundamental nature of space and time, are profound.  That is entanglement.

Put simply, entanglement implies that “at very deep levels the separations we see between ordinary, isolated objects are, in a sense, illusions created by our limited perceptions,” Radin writes. “Physical reality is connected in ways we’re just beginning to understand.”

Visually, the Other Side has shown me a massive field of light energy, not unlike the sun.   This field is unified, but it is also distinctly made up of billions and billions of smaller points of light, like a single image that, on close inspection, is made up of hundreds of smaller images.  These billions of points of light are us. 

What I see is that we comprise the massive field of light—it cannot exist without us.  But neither can we individually exist outside this field.   Our existence is primarily defined by our place in this grand constellation of energy, not by who we are individually.  We may appear to exist separately from anyone else, and we may perceive the boundaries that describe us and feel we are autonomous.  But our energy, our consciousness, is inexorably entangled with the energy of others. 

Our souls, ourselves, our experiences, our existence—these are not isolated in any way.   The universe is not a place of separateness, it is a place of entanglement.  We are connected to others in ways we cannot fathom.  


Just so you know, I’m going to be moving on from mediums, shamans, priests, spooky actions and the Other Side, and refocusing on some more of the right here-right now aspects of loss, grief and paths to healing.

That said, I reserve the right to revisit this as and when I get “affected” by my “entangled pieces” over there.


Here is my July 23rd post ARE WE ALL PSYCHIC?

Dear friends-   at my daughter’s suggestion, I recently listened to this GOOP podcast interview with well known medium-psychic Laura Lynne Jackson.   I hope this link works–you can listen free on iTunes.

GOOP was founded by Gwyneth Paltrow and features lots of cool interviews and other stuff.   Check it out.

Here is a link to Laura Lynne Jackson’s website

I bought her book, The Light Between Us, and it is in the queue on my nightstand.

In the podcast interview, Laura breaks down in very simple terms how she discovered and accesses her psychic and medium abilities, her thoughts and beliefs about why we’re here, where are departed loved ones are, why there can be no such thing as “death” and our connection with everyone and everything.  She also firmly believes each of us has the ability to connect with our loved ones on the other side and offers some easy suggestions of how to do that.

After we lost our Jimmy, we connected with mediums, shamans, Indian guides and others who helped us tremendously with our healing–especially during those first few years.  I wrote about it in Suffering Is the Only Honest Work and call it “Doing the Work.”   

Quite frankly, we were desperate–and willing to try and do anything and everything to help us with our grief and sanity.   My wife, daughter and I did it together.  We were “Team Suffering.”   Our work with Tarra, Jade, and Indian George from Sedona–Mary the Coffee Reader from San Diego, the Blue Jean Mystic from Colorado, Pam the Tarot Card reader-psychic in Solana Beach–this was in addition to other, more traditional, things we relied upon–family, friends, books, other parents who have lost children, mental health professionals (like my Dr. A) and, more recently, our church.

I believe in having a big tool box to go to for help. Not every tool is going to work or resonate the same with everybody.   Try one–if it doesn’t work-go find another.

The important thing is to Do the Work and ask for and seek out help that works for you.  And don’t hesitate to ask for help from your loved ones and others on the other side.  As we explored in Priests Shamans and Mediums, we loss sufferers are uniquely equipped to bridge the other side.

This is all related to building your Healing Tribe.  I’ve thought quite a lot about how this came together for us, and I’ll share more soon.

Warm regards and best wishes for continued healing.


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