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There is coming a time when there will be no veil. There will be no separation between us on this side of the veil and our loved ones on the other side. When the veil comes down, that is where heaven will be. That time is closer than we might think. The key to unlock that door: helping others with their healing.

Casey Gauntt knows well the pain of suffering the deaths of those we deeply love. He lost his father to suicide when he was 20, and 38 years later his only son, Jimmy, was struck and killed by a car. Three months after Jimmy’s death, Casey was reconnected with his father and son by means that can only be described as miraculous. He wrote that story, made into an award-winning short film The Letter, and thus began his transition from corporate attorney to writer and companion to others stricken with grief. Gauntt’s first book, Suffering is the Only Honest Work, included many other mind-expanding synchronicities that followed.

When the Veil Comes Down assembles what Gauntt has learned over the last 12 years as he’s walked with many who have been plunged into grief and have emerged to find healing, purpose, and even joy. Our loved ones who have transitioned work hard to send us signs and messages to help us.  We, in turn, can mend and strengthen relationships we thought forever broken by death, and help our departed loved ones with their healing and evolution.  We can also forge new relationships with our ancestors whom we’ve never met.  

Practical examples and tips on how to be a better friend, colleague, or companion to someone who is grieving the death of a loved one are included.

We, on both sides of the veil, have a limitless, untapped capacity to help one another with healing. And if enough of us use that ability, that’s when the veil comes down.  


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Casey and Hilary, his wife and best friend of 47 years, live in Solana Beach, California. Their daughter Brittany, husband Ryan, and grandchildren live close by.

6 responses to “WHEN THE VEIL COMES DOWN”

  1. Heather Warren says:

    I lost my only son last year 4//9/2020.
    He turned 23 4/8//2020 one day before he died.
    I have opened myself up to connecting with my son on the other side and to my astonishment he answers me! I’m very interested in reading your book!!

    • Casey Gauntt says:

      Heather- thank you for reaching out. I’m so deeply sorry for the transition of your son and that you are approaching the first Angel Date of his passing. A good friend introduced me to the term Angel Date and I do prefer that to “Anniversary,” which connotes a celebration. Rather than a transformation which is what we are all going through. “Transformation Date” is better. I am happy for you that you and your son are connecting with one another. I hope you will trust this is very real and this pathway is always accessible to you and your beautiful son. They are right there!
      Our Jimmy was 24 when he crossed over and he continues to bless us with his presence in so many extraordinary ways as we share in the book. Blessings to you and your son for continued healing and connection.

  2. Vu-An Foster says:

    I stumbled on this article via a google search and iI’m glad I did. I have angel babies on the other side. I have only been contacted by them via a dream but most recently they been visiting my new baby who is a year old now. They play with toys in the night, knock over toys, and I see them bouncing and gliding around the room like a butterfly. I never heard of anything like this and since it’s still been I do get scared a night but my son enjoys laughing and waving at them.

    • Casey Gauntt says:

      Vu-An—I’m so sorry for the early transition of your two baby girls. It is beautiful and courageous that you would choose to continue to bring new life in the world culminating in the birth of your son last July. Congratulations! I’m also very moved by all of the work you do helping so many others through The Perfect Rush Foundation, Life After 2 Losses, Count The Kicks, and many other avenues I’m sure. You made the choice in the face of devastating losses to transform your pain, suffering and the hard lessons learned from your losses into a purpose and path on the higher ground to help other parents with the challenges of childbirth. It is this act of choice that is the principal message of When the Veil Comes Down.
      I have no doubt whatsoever that your son’s sisters are playing with and saying hi to their brother. Ofcourse they’re helping you too—lettingyou know they’re close and full of love and light. It’s not a case of “They should have been here with us;” They ARE straddling both here, this side, and the spirit world.
      When our oldest grandson was not yet three years old, he was coming into his parents’ bedroom in the middle of the night to sleep with them. After doing this several nights in a row, his mom (our daughter) asked him what was wrong. He said a man was standing in his room looking down at him. His mom asked “Does he say anything to you? Is he scary?” He said, “No. He’s not scary. He just stands there looking down at me with a smile.” Our daughter then asked, “What does he look like?” He took her by the hand into the living room and pointed to a photo of a young man. “It’s him.”
      It was a photo of his uncle-our son-Jimmy taken about a year before he was accidentally struck and killed by a car in the summer of 2008; two years before our grandson was born.
      I’ve heard and read a lot about how the young ones have a strong connection with the spirit world-the other side-and quite easily see and communicate with those who have transitioned. As we get older that connection isn’t so accessible; or more likely, our parents and teachers tell us that it’s not possible—it’s just imagination—so we turn away from the door/the veil.
      But it’s always there for us to open—and open ourselves up to connect with our loved ones.
      It’s remarkable that you, too, are witnessing the playfulness of your daughters and the interaction with their brother. Clearly, you are very open to receiving these signs. I’d like to hear more about that!
      Thank-you for reaching out Vu-An. Blessings for continued healing.
      With gratitude and respect

  3. Rita says:

    Tragedy transformed into creativity!
    What a sad while beautiful story! You lost two generations of your family: father and son. And you are the father of the son you lost!
    There seems to be very little physical likeness between you and your son!
    Was he adopted by your wonderful family?

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