I recently had the honor and privilege to once again be a guest on Jane Asher’s wonderful podcast, The Next Room.  We talked about my new book, THE GAUNTT-CASE CLANS-The Stories, The Legend and the Lore.  I was on Jane’s show in August of 2021 and we talked about our first book, Suffering Is the Only Honest Work and I told the story of The Letter from my father. Here’s a link to that show THE NEXT ROOM, WITH JANE ASHER.

This time we talked about my new book, THE GAUNTT-CASE CLANS-The Stories, The Legends and the Lore.   Here is a link to our 30-minute conversation that aired February 14.

The Next Room from Empower Radio (empoweradio.com)

We touched upon a few of the stories like my 3rd Great Grandfather, the Rev. John Camron, and his close friendship with and mentorship of young Abe Lincoln, and my 2nd Great Grandfather, Radford Ellis, who was shot off his horse with his 13-year-old son, my great grandfather Alford, sitting behind him, thus ending a longstanding feud with his neighbor. 

Rev. John Miller Camron (1791-1878)
Alford and Betty Ellis with their first 4 children, 1887, Glennville CA

But mostly we talked about the “why” and “how.”  Why is our family history so important?   How can looking deeper in our past help us with healing in the present?  I got into this in my post form last October HEALING WITH HISTORY.

I explored with Jane how researching, writing and sharing my family’s history has

–Helped me with perspective.  All of our ancestors have suffered the transition of multiple loved ones.   We weren’t singled out for tragedy. 

–Connected me more deeply with my immediate family and extended family.

–Enabled deep relationships and connections with ancestors that transitioned generations ago.  

I also talked about the gift of connecting those not in my family with a piece of their past that was gathering dust in my attic, and the immense gratification from doing so.  I shared the story TO A NEIGHBOR’S SON of how I was able to get a poem my grandmother, Henrietta Ellis Case, wrote in 1942 about their next-door neighbor, Hattie Hannah, going off to fight in World War II as a P-38 fighter pilot, in the hands of Hattie’s family almost 80 years later. And how enormously grateful they were to receive this precious piece of their history, as well as several photos and articles they had never seen before.

Harrison “Hattie” Hannah, Class of 1939 University High School, West Los Angeles

I updated that story to include my recent correspondence with Enzo Lanconelli, who lives in Ravenna, Italy. He also stumbled upon Hattie’s story and he reached to me and the Hannah family to let us know that he and his team found pieces of Hattie’s P-38 that crashed near Ravenna, plus lots of details regarding the crash and Hattie’s capture by the Germans.

Enzo Lanconelli with the yellow hat

The Gauntt-Case Clans Free on Kindle

If you’d like to check out the new book, The Gauntt-Case Clans will be free on Kindle through February 18.   You can access it by this link on our website.   

Gauntt Case Clans — Casey Gauntt

Also, please pick up a copy of Jane Asher’s wonderful book, THE NEXT ROOM.  It’s one of the best books we’ve read.   

Here is my review of Jane’s terrific book.

I guess I was expecting a nice family story, with Midwest roots, about a daughter’s deep and loving relationship with her mother.  I didn’t know it would turn into a conversation with God!  I was ecstatically surprised. I love everything about Jane Asher’s first book.   

I’d possibly raise an eyebrow if the revelations and wisdom shared by Jane’s mother and her tribe from the other side weren’t so completely in sync and confirming with everything, we’ve been shown by our 24-year-old son who was tragically killed in an accident in 2008.  Jane Asher and her mother who transitioned in 2010 bring down the veil and give us an amazing and wonderful glimpse of what’s next after this life.   

Jane asks all the questions I kick myself for not asking during our many sessions with mediums.    ‘Who is God?’  ‘What is the purpose of this life?’  ‘Is reincarnation real?’  ‘What’s it like after we shed our bodies?’  ‘Where do you go?’  ‘What do you do?’ ‘Does God love people who do bad things?’ ‘Do we remain connected with our loved ones who have transitioned?’   ‘How do we do that?’

During one of their conversations, Jane’ mother cautions “Our book will not be for everyone…It’s for you and me and anyone else who cares to join us on this miraculous journey.”

If you’re even a little bit curious about the afterlife and what’s “next,” then climb on board, cinch your seatbelt tight, and get ready for just maybe the ride of your life in The Next Room. 

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