Something pretty darned amazing unfolded over the past few weeks, and now I have to update the Postscript to the “When the Veil Comes Down” chapter of our new book.   For the three of you who have not read When the Veil Comes Down, here’s a quick recap of that chapter.  In February 2020, I had a mediumship reading with Chris Lynn, aka The Blue Jean Mystic.

Chris Lynn, aka The Blue Jean Mystic

It was my 70th birthday present from Hilary.  It was hugely impactful and emotional for me because, not only was it the first time my dad has ever come through in a reading, he told me how grateful he was for all of the work I’ve done to help him with his healing. He told me

“Thank-you for putting the pieces back for me.   My heart is back. You gave me my heart back.  I’m so grateful.”

This confirmation that we, here, can help our loved ones on the other side with their healing—help them get back on track and move forward with their evolution—was a huge revelation for me and the main reason I pulled the book together.  

“Your son, your father and you”

But some other noteworthy things were shown and predicted in the reading that took some time to manifest and take my breath away.   That’s how Jimmy likes to roll. 

Jimmy was the first to come through in the phone reading, which is very typical.  Chris said, “Jimmy is showing me and waving a microphone.  He’s tapping a watch on his wrist and saying, “Dad, it’s time to do more public speaking.  A microphone will be required for larger groups.”

Chris also said, “There’s a female energy-likely living-that has been in the background but is now coming forward to help you with this.”  She asked me if I had any idea who this might be or what this may be about.

Elizabeth Boisson, President and Co-Founder of Helping Parents Heal

I said, “Well, there’s Elizabeth Boisson who is a co-founder of the wonderful grief support group, Helping Parents Heal.  I’ve also been in touch with one of their directors, Irene Vouvalides, who is in charge of speaking opportunities.” 

Chris laughed, “Jimmy is smiling and holding two thumbs up.  Casey, you definitely need to reach out to Irene.”

Irene Vouvalides

I didn’t.   But, as revealed in the Postscript to that chapter, four months later Irene reached out to me, and invited me to speak to the Helping Parents Heal community on a zoom call.  That in turn led to several other speaking engagements including a guest appearance on Suzanne Giesemann’s very popular national radio show, Messages of Hope.   I had to smile, “Way to go, Jimmy!   And good call, Jimmy and Chris, with the microphone!”

Conrad and Paola Leslie join Casey to talk about his new book with Helping Parents Heal on April 13, 2021

But, that’s not the whole story.

Mary Sawyers (1839-1924)

My third great aunt, Mary Sawyers, was the second one to come through in the reading.  Chris had picked up on another female energy and asked me, “Do you know anyone who drowned?”  I thought for a minute and said, “Come to think of it, Sam Swan, Mary’s first husband.”

I explained to Chris that in 1857, Sam and 436 other men drowned when the SS Central America was struck by a hurricane and sank four days later off the coast of Florida.    Mary and their 18-month-old baby, Lizzie, were among the 60 women and children who were rescued, although they themselves nearly drowned.  As the sailors desperately tried to get them in and out of lifeboats in huge, roiling seas, they dropped Mary and her baby in the ocean three times before finally getting them safely aboard the rescue ship.  That Lizzie was strapped on Mary’s back and Sam’s money belt wrapped around her waist, heavy with $10,000 of gold coin, no doubt contributed to the problem.    

Lowering the women off the SS Central America into lifeboats (Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper)

I mentioned to Chris how I stumbled upon her amazing story a couple of years earlier as I was filling out my family tree on, and then became completley obsessed with researching, writing and sharing her story with family, friends and as big an audience as possible.  Chris said, “Mary is saying ‘I had such a good life, a full life.   Thank-you for shining a light upon my life and my story.’”

OK- here it comes.

Four days before my reading with Chris, I submitted Mary’s story to thinking they might want to do something with it.   Never heard back. 

Then, almost a year later, Ancestry sent out a blast to their members: “We’re looking for stories about challenges your ancestors overcame, withstanding incredible hardships or surmounting obstacles.   Share your story in a two-minute video and you could be part of a TV commercial.

I submitted a 5-minute video—flat impossible to recap her story in 2—and heard nothing…

Casey’ video submitted to in January 2021

That is until March 30th, a couple of days after our daughter, Brittany, brought into this world her beautiful daughter, Sofia Grace Kirby.  I received this email from one of Ancestry’s production companies based in San Francisco:    

“We’re partnering with Ancestry in producing a video for Mother’s Day that celebrates trailblazing women, and we’re happy to announce we have chosen you, among a few other customers, to take part in this video!  We would like to focus on the story of your third great aunt, Mary Sawyers, and the shipwreck she survived.   This will be voice-over driven with archival photos appearing throughout.   We’ll record you telling Mary’s story during a call we’ll set up in the next few days.”  

The next day they sent me this:

Yup! This enormous Yeti pro-style microphone with cables to connect to my iPhone.  No doubt, the microphone Jimmy was waving during the reading.

A couple days later they recorded several sound bites from me. 

The 30-second commercial, America’s Trailblazing Women, began to air May 7th  on the major TV networks. 

I love it how Jimmy can simultaneously operate on multiple tracks.   We thought the “microphone” was a symbol—a prop—to foreshadow more public speaking engagements with Helping Parents Heal and others.  And it was certainly that, for sure.   But Jimmy and Aunt Mary were also giving me the heads-up on something else, and even more specific, that would soon unfold.  

Mind blowing. 

I am so grateful to the Chris Lynn’s, Suzanne Giesemann’s and other amazing, “the real deal,” mediums for sharing their enormous gifts with us and bringing forth these messages and signs from our loved ones and ancestors so clearly and distinctly.  

So, do I believe in mediums?   

You bet I do. 

If you’d like to read more about Mary Sawyers’ amazing life, click on this link. Thank you.

Proud to introduce our granddaughter, Sofia Grace Kirby, born March 27, 2021

Sofia Grace Kirby

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