On Thursday July 23, I gave a Zoom talk to members of Helping Parents Heal.  I shared our journey, told the stories of The Letter from my Dad and our Moment in Paris.  I described how our first book, Suffering Is The Only Honest Work came to be, and provided a sneak peek into Book #2 which my amazing editor, Jan Weeks, and I are deep into.  Here is a link to the video recording of my talk which is on the Helping Parents Heal YouTube Channel.

For those of you not familiar with Helping Parents Heal, it is a wonderful support group co-founded by Elizabeth Boisson in 2009 shortly after her son, Morgan, died suddenly in Base Camp at Mt. Everest.  She is the first person you see in the video.   

Irene Vouvalides, who introduces me, is an officer, director and in charge of organizing the HPH national conferences.  Because of COVID, they had to cancel this year’s conference.  They started the Helping Parents Heal YouTube Channel that features talks by those who would have spoken at the conference–noted mediums, authors, experts, healers– and regular folks like me.   Irene’s daughter, Carly, died of esophageal cancer in 2013.  

Elizabeth’s and Irene’s passion and dedication to help parents suffer less is truly extraordinary and exemplary.

Helping Parents Heal is a safe place where parents can share their stories, their pain and challenges–ask those questions you just can’t ask anyone else–and obtain access to a wide array of resources and receive compassionate support and guidance from other parents who have been on the journey for a bit longer.  

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