Mike Lueth-1968 Lake Park High School

In 2016 we shared this post about the lengths to which our loved ones will go to leave signs for us.   No easy feat!   In the TRUST ME section of the post my childhood chum from Itasca, Mike Lueth,  told us about first finding quarters in the strangest of places, and then dimes-lots of dimes- over the years after both of his parents passed over within three months of each other in 1994. 

Well this update is just in from Mike and may answer some of our questions like

How long can this kind of thing go on?

Update from Mike

As I wrote in Trust Me, the first coins I found were two quarters laying on top of the snow next to the side door of my parents’ house in Itasca IL. But since then it’s been dimes – always dimes. I found the most recent one last week on my work bench in the garage. By the way, I haven’t carried money with me for years. I use a debit or credit card for everything.

Mike’s Parents: Alvin and Ellen Lueth

It’s been just over 25 years now since they transitioned (as Jimmy would say) and for many years I would periodically take the coins we found and place them on their grave markers. But for the last ten years or so, I’ve been placing them inside a porcelain container that used to be Mom’s. It can no longer hold all the coins left for me, so maybe it’s time to visit the cemetery again. There are 38 dimes pictured here – which translates to roughly 4 per year. The findings have gotten less frequent over the years, so this recent discovery last week was a real treat. 

Lots of dimes

Also note the inscription inside the porcelain container.  That message is for you, Casey. 

‘You have touched so many hearts’

Awww….thank you, Mike.  

So have you, my friend.

As for me, our son Jimmy sends pennies.  I’ve nudged him to up his game like Mike’s parents.  Still pennies.  And like Mike, with less frequency.  

My Big Find in 2015

I stumbled upon these three in our garage the other day that have been on the road a piece and a little worse for wear.  Looks like a couple were burned up on re-entry.

If you’re sticking with pennies, Jimmy, at least send me ones that I can use, for God’s sake.  

L to R: 1975, 1983 (Jimmy’s birth year) and 1999

Thank you, Mike! Look forward to future updates.

Mike with Grandson AJ

And thank you, son, for letting us know you are always close by.

Casey and Jimmy-Zion 2008

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