Cathie Canepa got serious about photographing birds over six years ago. As she admits, “My painting and bird photography bring me so much joy.” It brings a lot of joy to us as well. Cathie’s work is regularly displayed at the San Diego County Fair and has received many awards.

Yellow Crowned Night Heron- Batiquitos Lagoon
White Faced Ibis-Santee Lakes
Western Grebe-Bolsa Chica Reserve
Western Grebe With Chick-Lake Hodges
Western Bluebird Buddy-Todd Park
Western BluebBotanical Gardens
Red Tailed Hawk-Buddy Todd Park
Redish Egret-Bolsa Chica Reserve
Red Shouldered Hawk-Buddy Todd Park
Mama Coot with Chicks- Santee Lakes
Male Gadwell-Batiquitos Lagoon
Kestrel-Whelan Lake
California Thrasher-Cottonwood Creek
California Scrub Jay-Buddy Todd Park
Cathie and Bill Canepa at Jimmy Gauntt’s Bench in San Elijo Lagoon

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was born and raised in Solana Beach and graduated from Torrey Pines High School in 2002.   A prestigious Trustee Scholar at the University of Southern California, he majored in English and Spanish. He authored six plays, five screenplays, and a multitude of poems and short stories. Beginning in 2010, the USC English Department annually bestows the Jimmy Gauntt Memorial Award—aka “The Jimmy”—to the top graduates in English.  Jimmy passed over to the other side in 2008 at age 24.

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