Shortly after we posted Soul Retrieval, I came across this email of gratitude I sent to Shaman Jade Wah’oo in March of 2009- two months after the ceremony.  We’d had another reading with Tarra a few days before.
Dear Jade—I’m attaching a recap of the soul retrieval ceremony you led us through on January 13.
I wanted to share our experience with you, my family and a few close friends—those who have helped us through this journey—and what’s happened since the ceremony.    We saw Tarra on Saturday, and she said there was more light around all of us, especially Hilary.
“Hilary, you are lighter, and Jimmy is so happy.   He sees it.”
Tarra asked me, “Did you see Jade?”
We had not mentioned you or the ceremony.
You are different from the first time I saw you before Christmas.   You’re more in front.  Jade’s ceremony really affected you, didn’t it?    Did Hilary and Brittany go?”
They both confirmed we all participated in the soul retrieval ceremony and that I am different—better.
Within a month after our ceremony, Hilary and Brittany came up with the idea to create a “cookbook” with recipes for meals that are comforting to those who have suffered a loss or tragedy.   They are canvassing their friends, colleagues and chefs to submit their recipes and the stories that go along with them to go in the book; ‘why was this meal memorable or comforting; what was going on with you and your life when you gave or received that meal or recipe?   They have already received over 300 submissions.
[THIS WAS THE GENESIS OF  their website HeronEarth launched in July 2011 and going strong to this day!]

Hunter Brittany and Hilary

Today, Brittany starts her first job with a Masters in Social Work from San Diego State University she received last June [2008- two months before the passing of Jimmy].  She is working at UCSD with a group of psychiatry and psychology professors doing research and field work to determine why and what can be done to reduce the abnormal incidence of suicide among doctors, nurses and medical students within the university and its hospitals.  My father took his life in 1970 when he was only 51 years old.  That my daughter is starting work today to study and help other young men and women from succumbing to this disease—well, you have no idea what this means to me. No idea!
A month after our ceremony, I began to write some stories which may become a book, of the things that my family and I have gone through, the lessons we have learned, the miracles and those special things we have experienced and are difficult to explain, and even more difficult  for people to share and talk about.  Things that have changed our lives forever and, I believe, for better.
I choose [Jade’s preferred term for sharing intentions with the Universe] to share this with others so they know, and so they may become more open to this.
So, when someone asks me the question, “Did that Soul Retrieval Ceremony work?”     I will tell them, ‘YES.’
As of March 2009 I had roughed out and shared the story of The Letter  and The Sax Players-A Christmas Story.
In July 2011 we launched Write Me Something Beautiful and in December, 2015 our book Suffering Is the Only Honest Work was released.
Hilary continues to post weekly on Heron Earth.
Brittany and the team at UCSD continue their suicide prevention work, and their program has been adopted and implemented by colleges and universities throughout the country.
Can I explain how or why our soul retrieval ceremony worked?  No.
Was it just coincidence Hilary, Brittany and I would embark on our paths towards healing so soon after the ceremony?   I don’t believe in coincidences.
Do Jade and Tarra have magical powers?
As I reflect on this- No, I don’t think so. That’s not it.
They have some gifts, and they have deep experience and years of study of exploring with others the realms of death, healing and who we are and what we can do to help ourselves and one another.   I believe we, as fellow humans, have the same access to these gifts and wisdom.  But we often need guides to show us the path to our power and healing, and the power of our loved ones and those powerful ones that we may not even know, yet who connect with and through us.
I believe it’s about going half way—doing the work and, now and then, finding worthy guides who can lead us beyond our capabilities and comfort zone into this realm of connection and healing—stating and manifesting our intentions that we want to connect and remain connected with our loved ones—our ancestors—our fellow humans—and our fellow spirit kind wherever they be hanging out.
P.S.  Jade sent me this same day reply to my email:
Tears welled up within my eyes as I read your account of our session.  So often it is the case that I am sitting there drumming, speaking and singing, but never really knowing what is going on inside the client.   Your sharing has made it clear to me, affirming the necessity and value of my work in this world.  Thank you.
I learned another valuable lesson.   Everyone appreciates gratitude and validation—even your Shaman!


Hunter and Pa for the unveiling

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