Introduction My good friend Jeff Schwartz has previously shared some wonderful stories on WMSB.   Lions on the Bridge,  Why I Believe In Angels, and A Thanksgiving Message.   Jeff and his wife, Donna, lost their first child, Julie, at the age of three in 1984. When we lost our son, Jimmy, in 2008 Jeff and I became brothers in that fraternity of […]

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Another Jimmy-  Jimmy Norton In our post How To Write a Beautiful Condolence Card to Someone Who Has Lost Child we share some of the cards and letters that moved us deeply.  Add one more to the top of the list!  One of my co-workers, Kathleen, recently shared with me perhaps the most beautiful words of sympathy […]

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In The Fraternity chapter and post on WMSB, I explore the complex journey that brought together the first three members of our Fraternity of dads who have lost children: Richard Page (Alex), Greg Post (Amanda) and Jimmy and me—and the discovery during the first gathering in 2013 that each of us proudly wears a tattoo […]

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The Rabbit Hole Play by David Lindsay-Abaire

In The Rabbit Hole chapter of our book, and the Rabbit Hole Letters post on the WMSB website ,  I write about the events that led up to us seeing David Lindsay Abaire’s play and the decision to reach out to the young man whose car accidentally struck and killed our son Jimmy.  Rabbit Hole is […]

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I’ve played guitar and written and sung songs since the 1960s.  In 1966 I joined Roger Holmes’ band, the WHATZIT IT FORE with Mike Sims and Wayne Paney.    After we added keyboardist, Greg DeBruyne, we became, what else, WHATZIT FORE + ONE.    At some point we changed our name to the much cooler, JUNIOR JONES […]

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I’ve played guitar and written and sung songs since the 1960s.  I played bass guitar and was the lead singer in the Whatzit Fore Plus One-aka Junior Jones Reincarnation- during my high school years in the Chicago area from 1964 to 1968, and self taught myself the guitar on the side.  I guess I can […]

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Shortly after we posted Soul Retrieval, I came across this email of gratitude I sent to Shaman Jade Wah’oo in March of 2009- two months after the ceremony.  We’d had another reading with Tarra a few days before. Dear Jade—I’m attaching a recap of the soul retrieval ceremony you led us through on January 13. […]

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Shaman.  An intermediary between the human world and the spirit world.  Shamans are said to treat ailments and illnesses by mending the soul.  They may visit other worlds-dimensions to bring guidance to misguided or broken souls and to ameliorate illnesses of the human soul caused by foreign elements.    Happy Birthday To You! January 13, […]

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  Sunday January 8, 2017 was a spectacular day in Solana Beach. Magical really—one of those days one is, almost, reluctant to share with anyone outside San Diego County for fear of being accused of gloating or, worse, rubbing it in.   The morning was actually a chilly 52—I’m sorry that’s what we consider cold— and […]

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Tuesdays were fried chicken night at our house in Itasca, Illinois.   Carrie Fowler, the African-American clone of my second grade teacher, Mrs. Melvin—short, rotund, early sixties, bright eyes, gray hair pulled back tight in a bun—helped my mother with the house every Tuesday.   She came on the train from Elgin, about 15 miles west of Itasca.  […]

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was born and raised in Solana Beach and graduated from Torrey Pines High School in 2002.   A prestigious Trustee Scholar at the University of Southern California, he majored in English and Spanish. He authored six plays, five screenplays, and a multitude of poems and short stories. Beginning in 2010, the USC English Department annually bestows the Jimmy Gauntt Memorial Award—aka “The Jimmy”—to the top graduates in English.  Jimmy passed over to the other side in 2008 at age 24.

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